A New Chinese Fondue Flavour from Canabec!

Ever tried goose Chinese fondue?

Goose may be known for being a fatty meat, but it’s high in monounsaturated fats, which makes it nutritionally beneficial. In fact, did you know that the monounsaturated fats found in goose meat can help to improve cardiovascular health and increase the release of insulin? Goose meat also provides many other essential nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy, including significant amounts of vitamins and minerals, which makes it high in nutritive value.

Among other things, goose meat contains:

  • Phosphorus, which plays an essential role in the formation and maintenance of strong bones and healthy teeth
  • Iron, which is essential for transporting oxygen and the production of new red blood cells
  • Other minerals such as zinc, copper and selenium
  • Vitamins, particularly B vitamins, making goose meat a good source of energy

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