Canabec is proud to offer hotels, restaurants and institutions:


A wide selection of locally raised game products

Red deer, elk veal, rabbit, quail, pheasant, guinea fowl, partridge, hare, lamb, grain-fed chicken, pork, wild boar, duck and seal

A wide selection of game products from across Canada and internationally

Bison, elk, ostrich, kangaroo, deer, lamb

Products carefully produced by our experts

Confit products, stuffed products, smoked products, terrines, pre-cooked meals and sauces

Custom pre-cut and pre-portioned meats

Filet mignon, boneless loin, medallions, ground meat, cubes and primal cuts

Professional, personalized customer service


To order / request information about our products:

Quebec City head office

Tel: 418 843-0782
Toll-free: 1 800-663-2373

Hugo Fleurant, Sales Manager

Ottawa, Maritimes

Tel: 514 554-5582
Tel: 1 866-663-2373

Jonathan Dommerc

Ontario, West provinces

1 800 663-2373

450 521-6729

Hugo Fleurant, Sales Manager