Canabec is one of the largest distributors of game products in Canada.


Founded in 1987, we are a Quebec-based company that offers our commercial customers added value through high-quality game meats and specialty products backed by expert and knowledgeable service.

We distribute our products to restaurants, hotels, butcher shops and grocery stores, all pre-portioned to the customer’s specific requests. At Canabec, we do more than simply process and distribute a wide range of game products. We tailor our products to the specific needs of customers, whether they’re looking for fresh or frozen meats, pre-cooked meals, confits, terrines or deli meats. Canabec is a game meats distributor of choice.

Canabec game products are distinctive, exclusive and easy to prepare. They are also famous for their exceptional quality and flavour. Our wide range of game and specialty products also include pre-cooked meals that will thrill gourmands, gourmets and gastronomes alike.

Over the years we have developed extensive expertise in the art of preparing game. We have also proven that it is possible to supply fine poultry and venison products of consistent quality all year long.

A risky gamble indeed, but our many satisfied customers are clear proof that we have beaten the odds!