Dried and smoked meats

Three varieties of smoked and dried game to satisfy any deli meat fan... not to mention anyone looking for tasty appetizers and meals!

Deer – Bison – Duck

Our smoked and dried meats are first enrobed in a mixture of spices and aromatics, and then expertly smoked in maple wood. We then allow the meat to dry to perfection for several days. This time-consuming process gives our smoke and dried meats the ideal texture and fragrance.

Can you eat duck magret fat?

Magret is term used for the breast of a duck that has been force-fed to produce a fatty liver. Because of this, people sometimes wonder if the fat of duck magret can be eaten.

The nutritional properties of duck fat are similar to those of olive oil. Fat transports and intensifies flavours on the palate, so in terms of sensory pleasure, the answer is a resounding yes!